Thursday, 11 November 2010

writing and other matters

so have finished my short story for the Daily Telegraph competiton - a  ghost story - probably one of thousands and sent my email so it will die the death of other submissions, no doubt but the joy is in creating something with words that tells a matter how unlikely that story is.

Then a rush to get ready for my hospital appointment for my pre-operative assessment for a hip op (I like to describe it as that as it gives it a fun feel - a bit like reggae music) in December, which I hope will release me from pain and angst. I had to give 10 mmls of urine in a little tube - interesting contortions and as I didn't know how much ten mmls is I rather overdid it and not only filled up the tube but also filled the funnel as well. So, decided to discard some and then spilled nearly all of it down the loo!  However, I have been assured that 5 mmls will be sufficient. It is not possible to pee again immediately!

So I passed with flying colours, no underlying conditions discovered and now have four weeks to go before I am cut open, my old, worn out hip cut out ( I understand they use drills, hammers and other builders' equipment) and have a super one put in so I can really do the dance without pain.  I'm not having a general anaesthetic as I hope to be able to 'watch' the op - or at least be involve - I imagine that the surgeons will probably discuss cricket or the antics of their children while they probe and prod.

The pre-op assessment consisted of a lovely nurse mainly sitting in front of a computer and pressing buttons, with me getting green squares!  Admittedly they also took blood, tested my heart with a machine that looked like a miniature coffee machine and took x-rays, so there are still some old-fashioned procedures being done.

now we await the operation, which I'll describe in detail if I can!

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