Monday, 8 November 2010

Monday 8 November

I gave up but I'm here again mainly to get rid of writing angst when I don't have time for a good session at the novels.  My last posting was in June 2008 and nobody has commented since then so probably this is like a personal diary - locked and never to be read by anyone else.

The only news is that The Nine Lives of  Kit Marlowe is now well and truly out there and I am toying with the next project, having finished Brother's Keeper - which has to find a publisher - and being stuck with my Bulgarian travelogue becuase I need good photographs. 

The comments so far on Kit is that it is an uproaring good read, with people missing their stop on the tube because its so absorbing - how about that?  Perhaps it should come with a warning....

So now I'll try to write something every day.

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