Sunday, 14 November 2010

the weekend ...

This weekend saw me travelling westwards on the M25 on Friday evening in the pouring rain.  Not the greatest start to the weekend – I was ten minutes late to give a talk to Sutton Writers about ‘The fiction behind the facts’ – my experiences in writing historical novels.
I reckon I know the beast called M25 and generally believe I’ve tamed him – use sparingly, only Sunday mornings or, surprisingly, at around 5 p.m. Mondays to Thursdays – but leave him alone on Fridays when all motorists in Surrey decide to party at the venue that becomes the largest circular car park!
But needs must so I gave myself an hour to get from Guildford to Sutton and it took hour and ten minutes!  The other big problem was Sutton itself, a nightmare of one way systems, bad signing to car parks and, at night in the pouring rain, a shiny concrete people-less jungle.
Sutton Writers though were forgiving and kindly listened to my talk and, afterwards, I discovered that this group is as enterprising as Guildford Writers in that they published an anthology of their work last year, which was a runner up entry in a national writing competition – not bad for a first try. I also discovered that many of their members are aiming to publish their own works, so look out for exciting books from Surrey Writers.
Saturday saw me travelling to Loughton to meet with a member of Erato Consort to discuss my planned concert as part of the Guildford International Music next March when I hope to present a repertoire of music and readings from my Priedeux mystoricals.
Then on to see a dear friend from my Walthamstow days – anyone reading the Priedeux books will know that Priedeux comes from that small hamlet in Epping Forest – well it’s a sprawling London suburb now, but I go back to those halcyon days of the middle and Tudor ages…..

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