Thursday, 27 January 2011

hello I'm back

I don't suppose anyone's missed me but now I'm a renewed woman with a bionic bit I can start to blog again. Mainly because I have to tell the world of an exciting new venture coming up in March where Goldenford Publishers will be hosting an evening of music, madrigals and 'mystoricals' as part of Guildford's International Music Festival. I am working with Erato Consort and The Minstrels Gallery - both popular and well known groups - to produce the evening, where I will read from my three historical novels, and appropriate music from 1399 to the seventeenth century will be played.  It is in the evening on March 19 at The Guildhall, High Street, Guildford and tickets can be obtained from the Tourist Office.   The evening will end with a chance to talk to us all over a glass of wine (or water!).

And if anyone reading this is scared to do something about their aches and pains in their hips - don't be, go for it! I had a hip replacement operation just over six weeks ago and I'm walking, driving and feel wonderful - no more pain.